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Our System & How It Works

No more spending hours studying your credit report, researching how to delete accounts, writing disputes, and keeping track of the results. All you do is simply follow our easy to understand, step by step system and you’ll be guided along the credit mastery journey with a rocksolid partner by your side. 
Our system includes all the tools, technology, resources and training you’ll need improve and maintain your perfect credit score. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing, we’ve got your back if you get stuck. 24 Hours a day 7 days a week, we’re always just an email away! 
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Save Time

Using Credit Easier templates saves an average of 1.5 hours per dispute! And, with an average of up to 22 disputes needed per person, thats alot of time!

Save Money

Credit Repair companies charge up to $300 or more per month and limit how many disputes they file for you each cycle. Locking you into lengthy long-term contracts that show results slowly. 

Piece of Mind

When you DIY your credit repair using our templates, you’ll have piece of mind knowing exactly what is going on and where you stand – at all times. Because, you’re in control. 

Our System Works With...

By The Numbers

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Our Tools. Your Progress.
Step by Step.

credit report

Obtain & Review Your Credit Reports

Credit Easier will show you how to quickly and easily obtain your 3 bureau credit report, find negative accounts, and how to  prepare an aggressive dispute strategy.

This will never put a negative inquiry on your credit profile. 

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Disputes that work

Because we know that different negative accounts require different dispute strategies. 


Credit Easier’s extensive database lets you select the dispute template letter that’s best for your specific scenario. With hundreds to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a dispute letter that works. 

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Track your results

With our tools, Credit Easier will show you how to easily track all of your disputes on all 3 credit bureaus. You’ll be shown when to follow-up if you don’t receive a response and what letter is recommended next.


Every month you’ll compile a progress report showing what accounts were deleted and obtain a fresh copy of your new credit scores.


You’ll always know what’s going on with your credit repair and credit score because you are in charge and you are in control of your progress.